Newcastle EcoCart

The New entry-level EcoCart mobile powered workstation is designed to provide true mobility within a facility while eliminating unnecessary movement, touches, and transportation wastes. This can result in an improved dock cycle times in receiving and on-time shipments in your shipping areas. This lightweight, compact unit is ideal for powering a laptop, a barcode printer, and a scanner for 8+ hours at a time. At the end of use, simply plug your cart into a standard wall outlet to recharge.

  • Reduce labor by as much as $10K per worker
  • Increase receipts by as much as 60%
  • Reduce improperly labeled products
  • Reduce inaccurate inventories
  • Process goods directly at the pallet or on the dock
  • See your ROI in less than three months

Specification Sheets are available upon request.
Contact jim@pickingcarts.com OR call (585) 704-6838

NB Series SLIM Mobile
NB Series Mid-Size
PC Series Heavy Duty
Powerswap Nucleus

Newcastle EcoCart